You might be considering engaging with an architect to help with your project but you’re not sure because you don’t know what value it would bring to your project.

Let us explain what we can do for you.

By definition, an architect is the person who designs buildings, but what does that mean in the practical sense?

We do design buildings, but we are also going to be your advocate throughout the construction project. We act as the filter between all legal requirements, regulations, consultants’ input, your ideas and your budget and get you the best design that’s going to fit your space and needs.

By working with us, we will help you save money throughout the process, since we act as consultant coordinator, as well as design to your budget. Managing the budget is constant and it starts early on with the first design options.

With our fixed fee policy, it means that we don’t have a vested interest on the increase of your budget.

However, if you change your brief mid project or the concept has to be redesigned, that may incur into additional charges.

On the other end, good design will add value to your property. Studies show that architecturally designed projects are sold for 10%-30% more than equivalent properties. This is not only because it is more aesthetically pleasing but also because the standard of construction is higher.

So, if you’re looking to build, extend or renovate, contact us.

Following the EU andcertified passive house designer Government’s target to generate 80% of electricity from renewables and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 20%, the concept of the Passive House has gained popularity in Ireland in the last years.

But what is it?

The Passive House is a building standard, which is energy-efficient, comfortable, affordable, and environmentally friendly at the same time. It’s not a specific type of construction either. A building built to the passive house standard could be timber frame, block work, ICF, etc.

It’s a concept open to all types of construction, even retrofits.

The Passive House standard is the lead in energy savings worldwide, achieving over 90% reduction in heating energy, compared to buildings not built to the standard. With the exponential increasing of yearly energy cost, this looks very appealing.

Does this mean it’s more expensive to build? The short answer is yes. The initial investment is greater, as it is allocated towards higher quality of windows, external envelope, and ventilation equipment. It is a higher standard of construction that yields a long-term return with low energy costs and high living comfort.

On the other hand, a certified passive house is a high building certification that increases the value of the property.

We are Passive House certified Designers, contact us if you’re considering the Passive House standard for your project.